New Orleans Saints’ Ndamukong Suh on his NFL draft plans, team’s roster, more

New Orleans (AP) New Orleans’ Ndokumwo Ndamohonu says he’s confident in his draft plans and wants to be a part of the team’s future.

Ndamohunu said he’s still working out his schedule, but he knows his NFL future is at stake.

The Saints are playing in the first round of the playoffs and have just five wins.

They’re a long way from their 1,000-win season, but they’ve still been able to win at a high level despite the injuries and lack of depth.

Ndokomunu, who was a first-round pick by the Saints in 2013, said he wants to make sure the team has a shot at winning a Super Bowl.

He also hopes to make the team.

The Saints signed Suh, who has made headlines in recent weeks after he was arrested for DUI.

He was released by the Dolphins in May.