Google News gets the Google+ community behind it, as Facebook makes big gains

Google News has a long history of building a strong digital community.

But it also has a problem.

It doesn’t have enough people.

The search giant’s social network, which is designed to help users discover content, has been struggling for years.

Now Google is looking to improve its image in that space.

Its recently announced plans to build a new, community-based news service for Google+, which would allow users to follow news, blog posts, and share images.

The news service would be called Google+, and it would aim to be as transparent as Google+, allowing users to see news stories and other content.

The service would also allow users who have already joined the service to make posts, share images, and create accounts.

The company is looking for people who have “a love for digital media, and the ability to build and share content in a fun and engaging way.”

The announcement came in a blog post that Google senior vice president of marketing Brad Feld said “provides a compelling and exciting opportunity for our readers to share and discover content that has been created by Google+ contributors.”

Google+ is a social network for people to post content, including images and videos.

Its platform is popular with people who work in media and for content creators, and has helped Google earn $1.6 billion in revenue since 2012.

But there’s still a long way to go for Google+ to grow and gain traction in the media ecosystem.

A lot of news organizations have moved to other platforms, and other news sources have followed suit.

Google News, which has been in existence for just a few months, isn’t as popular.

Google says it has only 5,000 daily active users, compared to about 10 million for Facebook.

And it doesn’t yet have the numbers to compete with the likes of Facebook and Twitter.

In fact, Google isn’t even getting close to its goal of 100 million daily active visitors to its platform, which would mean that Google+ would be able to be a part of the same ecosystem as Facebook and other social networks.

Feld told reporters that “in the next few years, we’re going to be seeing the growth of Google+ more and more as it becomes a part to the mainstream media ecosystem.”

The goal is to have a news platform that “can be a full complement to all other social platforms,” Feld said.

The goal, then, isn to get Google News into the news feeds of mainstream media organizations.

That will require a major overhaul.

The social network has struggled with traffic, too.

As of February, Google News was only available in 140 countries, including the U.K. It was also only available on mobile devices, and users were only able to view content for 30 minutes per day.

“We have to start from scratch, which means building a brand, and then building a platform that’s sustainable for the long term,” Feld told TechCrunch.

The platform will have to evolve to better serve users.

But the company isn’t the only one looking to do so.

Google has hired Google News veterans to help make the changes.