What are the best free, paid and subscription services for sports fans?

Today’s sports media marketplace includes multiple paid subscription options for fans who can pay a fee for access to ESPN, FOX and other networks.

Here’s a look at the best of those offerings for sports consumers:ESPN – ESPN’s subscription offering offers the best value of the four offerings above, including a full slate of ESPN apps and an ESPN+ subscription.

If you want the latest sports news, the ESPN Sports app provides daily and weekly content that is up-to-the-minute, with sports fans a first-class citizen.ESPN+ – ESPN+ subscribers get access to live streaming content from the ESPN apps, and the network offers additional content, including live scores, exclusive clips, game recaps, game previews, analysis, studio shows and more.

ESPN Plus members get access the full lineup of ESPN+ apps, including ESPN+ Live and ESPN+ Game Pass, which gives subscribers access to premium sports content.

For a complete list of ESPN and FOX apps and services, visit ESPN.com/sports and FOX.com.ESPN, FOX Sports and ESPN Deportes will be available in more than 180 countries, and in some markets, ESPN and Fox Sports are exclusive, meaning fans must subscribe to one of those networks for access.

ESPN Departes is available in 30 countries and in the U.S. and Mexico.

FOX Departos is available across Canada and Australia, and will be in more markets in the future.

To access all ESPN content, subscribe to the FOX Sports Go app, available on iOS and Android.

The app is available at the Apple App Store and Google Play.

For access to FOX Deportos, check out the FOX Deparats website.ESPN is offering a new “ESPN Plus” service that includes additional live streaming, studio programs, behind-the, behind the scenes, and behind the ball video content.

ESPN+ is available as a standalone package for $39.99 per month.