How to use Google Translate to find information on the CBC website

The Canadian Press is reporting that Google Translator is getting a redesign.

The website is set to go live on March 31.

The news comes from an article from the site’s developer, Kary O’Sullivan, who has worked on the program for several years.

Google Translations is the company that uses Google’s Translate app to translate content into other languages.

It is a service Google has made available to companies like Facebook and Twitter.

It’s currently only available to publishers.

Google has said it plans to bring Translate out to other services, like Twitter.

Here’s a description from the Google Translated site: Translate is the world’s most popular translation app for all languages.

Translate works across Google’s Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows operating systems.

Translator features include: • Voice translation • Locale customization • Multi-language support • English and French translations • Quick translations • Search for keywords • Search with custom text and emoji • Search multiple languages • Add or remove keywords • Access Google’s API • Browse Translate content in a range of languages • Easily access information about translations from Google’s public translation database, and the translation process.

You can search for keywords, search for the right word, or use the new search box to find content from Translate in your language.

Translations are available in all languages and are fully translated.

Google is also looking to bring out a translation for the CBC’s new film series “The Missing,” which premieres March 31 on CBC.

In the news section of the site, the company has an announcement from Kary that the website will go live as a new version, with new design elements and functionality.

Google said that it will bring out translations for the film series in other languages and with more than 1,000 translators across the world.

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