Why a baby named ‘Big Daddy’ would not like it’s new nickname

“It was like a huge monster, I can’t explain it.”

A newborn baby named Big Daddy would not be pleased with his new name, so it was changed.

“I was really nervous, because I thought, ‘It could happen to me,’ and I just wanted to get rid of it,” said David, a baby breeder who has been raising puppies since 2010.

He and his wife, Katie, decided to name their first puppy “Big Daddy” to honor his “big brother,” Big Mike, who died in April after a long battle with leukemia.

The name, which has been used for more than a decade, is derived from the term for a large, muscular male animal, like a bull.

David said he’s been using the name since he was about 3 years old, and he was the first to use it for his newborn, named Lola, a few months ago.

Big Daddy’s new name will help him to stay in contact with his family, he said.

“He’s been really happy.

He’s been playing around with other dogs and playing with his friends, and I think he’s going to really like the name,” David said.

As for the baby breaker, he is thrilled with the new nickname.

It’s great to be able to name a baby with such a nice name,” he said, adding that he’s “thrilled to have this baby back.

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