Watch for a new media marketplace with a ‘social media’ focus: Newsmax

(MAY 15, 2018) The world is in a “media renaissance,” with the likes of Facebook and Twitter emerging as major players, and with media consolidation taking place on both sides of the Atlantic, one industry leader is calling for a change in the way we access and consume news.

Newsmax Media, a media marketer that’s been around since 2011, is aiming to build a “new media marketplace” that will be “focused on social media” with a focus on a “mobile first” approach to content and distribution.

The company is currently looking for a CEO who “has a track record of delivering on a sustainable growth plan,” according to the press release.

NewsMax also announced it will be offering “a new subscription model,” a “global media portal,” and “an online marketplace for media content.”

NewsMax has previously been a publisher of online content for the online subscription service Vox, and the company has been focused on publishing and managing content for its own service, Newsmax News, since its founding in 2012.

The company is now seeking to expand its reach and reach in a variety of different markets, including the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East, and Australia, as well as Asia, South America, and Africa.

“The news and media business is now more fragmented than ever before,” NewsMax CEO Kevin O’Leary said in a statement.

“We want to create a marketplace for content that is more relevant to the people that matter most.”

Newsmax will be focused on a mobile first approach to media distribution, according to NewsMax Media, and will be launching a “social media marketplace.”

“Social media is becoming a more integral part of news and information,” Newsmax CEO Kevin R. O’Donnell said in the release.

“The future of media is one of social, mobile, and mobile-first.”

In addition to Newsmax, NewsMax is also looking for someone who can “promote an authentic voice and expertise in a digital, social media era,” according the release, and to “create a business model that provides financial flexibility and flexibility for our team.”

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