What is ‘Net Market’, what does it mean, and what are its applications?

A new digital marketplace, net market, is a new way to interact with your digital world.

Unlike traditional marketplace, where you enter a name, product, or service to buy it, net marketplace is a way to buy products and services from your digital platform.

Here is how to use net market.

Net Market How to Use net market 1.

Enter a name for the product or service you want to buy 2.

Enter the desired price of the product/service 3.

Add your payment method 4.

Enter your payment information (optional) 5.

Select the delivery mode (pay by Paytm or credit card) 6.

Click ‘buy’ or ‘save’ 7.

You will be directed to a payment portal that you can then pay through.

You can also browse through the various categories on the site.

You are then presented with a menu of options.

For example, a food item, an app, a song, or a book can be purchased.

Once you have selected a category you can click on ‘view more’.

The price of your purchase will be shown.

If you would like to add a new category, select ‘add category’.

When you are finished browsing through the options, you can ‘activate’ the new category by clicking on the ‘activate category’ link.

Net Markets have a lot of features, like the ability to buy or sell items in multiple categories.

There are also payment options that can be found on the net market page.

Once activated, the net marketplace will also let you browse your purchases and sell items.

Net market also provides payment methods for your digital goods and services, such as Paytm, and credit card.

Net marketplace also allows you to create a ‘save as’ or a ‘delete as’ option for your purchases.

Net markets are also available for people who are looking to buy goods and/or services from an online platform, such a Flipkart, Amazon, Flipkamp, Shopify, or other online marketplace.

Net Marketplace How to use NET market 1

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