What’s next for the Eagles?

How the Eagles got to this point is a testament to the talent level of the team, but they have to be happy with the way they have played.

They haven’t been able to put much pressure on opponents.

It’s not that they’re lacking talent, it’s just that they haven’t put it to good use.

Chip Kelly said they’re working on getting a little better at executing, but there’s not much time to change that.

“You’ve got to make it count,” he said.

“There’s always going to be a place for everybody.

It can’t be all, ‘Oh, this team has too many guys.’

That’s not how we play.”

It’s a tough job.

They’ve had a long year.

It took them three weeks to get their first win.

They’ll be a playoff team this season.

They won’t be great, but the talent is there.

They have to continue to work.

They’re still a young team.

They need to build a winning culture, and the fans have to come out to support them.

They can’t rely on what they did last year to be the team they’re going to have to show they can be again.

“We’re going through a transition at the moment,” Kelly said.

But they have talent.

The only question is how they will use it.

The Eagles’ most important position is cornerback.

They lost veteran Darrelle Revis to retirement after last season, and they were hoping that cornerback Tramaine Brock could replace him.

Brock, a free agent this offseason, has been a solid piece, and he’s been good for them, but he was not a standout this year.

They did have a nice year on offense, scoring points in big games against the Vikings and Jaguars.

But when they played a weak team last season — the Seahawks and Cardinals — they had a good game plan.

Now they’ve got an opportunity to win a game.

They don’t have a lot of time to adjust.

“This is a rebuilding year for us,” linebacker Nigel Bradham said.

The next step is to get better at the skill positions.

Kelly is committed to that, but it takes time.

He needs to find players that can play all four positions.

“I’ve been talking to the front office and coaching staff about how they can find those guys, and we’re working with them right now,” he told reporters.

He added that he wants to see how they adapt to a new scheme.

The problem is that he has to get a lot better at finding those guys.

That’s why they were so good in the preseason.

They were good in practice.

“It’s a process,” Kelly told reporters, “but I think the guys who have been here for a long time, it’ll come.”

The Eagles have had some good pieces this offseason.

They signed corner Malcolm Jenkins, who is the team’s top free agent, and offensive lineman Lane Johnson.

They also signed veteran linebacker Nigel Harris, who had a career year.

Now it’s time to find more.

“The guys are really talented, and I think we can find some really good players,” Kelly continued.

“If you look at the numbers and the production, it was not the same in the last few years, but we have talent here.

I think a lot more guys are going to come in, and if we do get good players, I think this is a team that is going to start winning games.”