Why are you mad at me? -Molina marketplace

Posted October 14, 2018 11:19:22 I am mad at you for calling me a fraud, a liar and a thief, the website Molina Marketplace said in a statement on Tuesday.

I am not alone.

The hashtag #MolinasFraud and #MolsonFraud have become popular in social media, as many people have called out me, the site said.

But I am not the only one.

Molina is a leading Philippine online marketplace, and the hashtag has become a tool to show people how much money they are losing from the fake drugs, the company said.

Molino is one of several Philippine online businesses that have been hacked in recent weeks, and in some cases, it has taken people’s bank accounts and other data, Molina said.

The company has no evidence that any of the hackers stole any of its customers’ money, but it has been hacked twice before.

Last week, a Molina seller called police to report a suspicious man who was using the company’s online payment system to buy fake narcotics.

Police took the man into custody and took Molina to a police station for questioning.

Police later arrested the same man, but the company says it is cooperating with them.

Molson said it does not comment on its customers or customers’ identities.

The latest hack came two days after Molina reported a similar scam on Twitter.

The company said that a customer named Koryo had been duped into sending Molina money via the company app, which was used by many Molinas buyers.

The Molina app, a popular platform for Filipinos to buy and sell items online, was hacked in February and March, and some users reported seeing suspicious transactions.

The online marketplace said it had closed all Molina sellers’ accounts and suspended all payments to them.

The Molina website says it has since fixed the problem and is working on adding more safeguards to prevent fraudulent transactions.

Molina said it was investigating all of the reported frauds, and urged anyone who has been affected to contact its customer service team.

In the meantime, Molinas’ website will redirect users to a message asking them to contact Molina’s legal department.

Molinas statement is posted on Molina Marketers’ Facebook page.

In a separate statement, Molinos CEO Ernesto “Raul” Tamaño said Molina had reached out to him and Molina offered to provide him with a written statement, which he accepted.

“Molinas legal department has confirmed to us that they have investigated the incidents,” Tamaños statement said.

“They will be sending a written report to us soon.”

Tamaño added that he and Molinas board of directors were in touch with the company to offer their support and to assure them of their safety and security.

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