Twitter gets the green light to sell its ads, too

Axios — The search giant is getting ready to start selling its ads.

The ad business is the one part of Twitter’s business that hasn’t been profitable for years, and the company is looking to cash in on that.

Its ads are being sold through its new advertising platform, Twitter Marketplace.

The announcement comes at a time when advertisers are turning their focus to a new platform: the search engine that’s owned by Google and the owner of Google search.

Google recently announced a deal to buy Instagram for $3.2 billion, and Twitter is hoping to capitalize on the trend by getting advertisers to buy its ads on the platform.

The news comes after Twitter was valued at $7 billion when it was founded in 2010.

The social media company said it expects its ads to be used on 1.7 billion users by 2020.

Twitter Marketplace will also include ad units for its search, news, sports and entertainment properties.

The acquisition will allow the company to expand into other segments, including digital media and mobile devices.