NZ Media Marketplaces to Take on Google for New Media Services

New Zealand’s first digital media marketplace will open up its marketplaces to the likes of Google and Facebook, according to media marketer NZ Media Marketplace.

The New Zealand Herald reports that the New Zealand media marketplaces are expected to debut next month and will be operated by a team from Media NZ.

The company, which has offices in Auckland and Wellington, will also work with a range of other digital media providers to help build out their digital offering.

New Zealand has traditionally relied heavily on newspapers and radio for advertising, but the media market is expected to see a massive boost in the coming years as digital platforms become increasingly common.

“Digital media is going to be the new business model for NZ media,” Media NZ’s managing director of digital media, Ian Taylor, told the Herald.

 “Digital has changed the way the business operates.”

 The Newzealand-based company, based in Auckland, has already acquired an international portfolio of digital services and is looking to diversify into other media.

It is also looking to expand into new areas, with a focus on the advertising market, such as e-commerce and social media.