What do you get when you mix a troy with an MTV?

Posted by MTV News on Friday, April 11, 2018 01:24:37In a series of interviews, Troy McCloskey, who is known for his comedic work on such shows as Family Guy, The Young and the Restless and The Real O’Neals, has revealed that he’s still not a fan of the show.

“I think it’s awful, man.

I mean, I can’t stand the sound of it, man,” McCloskeys said.”

They’re like ‘Let’s go and get the T-shirt’.

Yeah, I have no idea what the fuck they’re trying to do. “

They don’t have to tell me, I just like to get my hands on some of those t-shirts.”

Yeah, I have no idea what the fuck they’re trying to do.

I’m just trying to make some money, man, I’m not making it all on this.

I get a little buzz, man.”‘

They’ve got to make money’In a statement to MTV News, the company said the show was not part of their “VIP Program” and that the program was a way for them to showcase the show’s talent to fans.”

It was a partnership between the company and MTV Networks and it is part of our VIP Program,” a spokesperson told MTV News.”

Troy McClozys ‘The Troy Show’ was not in the VIP Program.

“McCloskeys, who also co-wrote and starred in The Young And The Restless, told MTV he had no intention of returning to the show for another season.”


I’ve got a big heart and I’m here to say thank you,” he said.

The show’s second season has already aired and will air in the US and Canada on April 14.