‘The market for games and other digital experiences is changing’: Games publisher, media company to launch India-focused app for Android

Google India has announced plans to launch a new app to enable users to play games and stream video across mobile devices.

The app, called Media Player, will be launched by MediaTek in the coming months.

“As India becomes a more connected and digital society, we have a real opportunity to leverage this new space for the growth of the digital entertainment sector in India,” said Jigmeet Kaur, Managing Director, MediaTec.

“We have partnered with MediaTech to launch the app in the Indian market.”

Media Player will allow users to download games and watch online videos, which can be played on their phones or tablets.

MediaTes has also partnered with Microsoft to provide the app with Xbox 360 and Windows 10 apps.

Media Player was created by MediaTe for the Indian mobile gaming market.

The company has been building out the app for a while now, and is looking to partner with a mobile-focused media and media entertainment platform.

“Media Player is designed to be a full-featured, native-to-India, mobile-first, cloud-native, native gaming app.

It’s aimed at the mobile-centric gaming market, where it will provide a seamless experience across all platforms,” said Kaur.

“There will be a variety of gaming options in the app, including both competitive and casual modes, and a variety with both local and global content.”

The app is also designed to help users play online games, stream media and stream content from mobile devices to PCs and TVs.

The game has been designed to offer the best of both worlds: an immersive experience with high-quality content on the platform, while also being able to connect with friends, family and others through a cloud-based gaming platform.

The service is set to launch in the next couple of months in India, but Google plans to roll out the feature to other countries in the near future.

MediaPlayer is a preview of an app that will be released to the Indian marketplace in the following months.

The platform will include a range of games including a multiplayer game called “Moguai” with a price tag of Rs. 25,000.

The developer is also looking to offer games like “The Witcher” and “World of Tanks” to the market in the future.

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