‘I can’t believe I’m spending £3,000 on a plane ticket’: Travel journalist gets stuck in a plane jam

A travel journalist who was stuck in an airport in Greece after a flight was delayed by nearly an hour is reporting he is now in a worse place than before the delay.

The 43-year-old, who works for travel website TripAdvisor, flew from Paris to Athens on Tuesday and arrived in Athens at 11am on Wednesday.

But he found himself stuck in the terminal for nearly an hours as the aircraft was delayed on the tarmac and he couldn’t board the plane.

He told Sky News: “I couldn’t get on the plane and it was a bit of a nightmare.”

There was so much traffic that it was just impossible to get onto the plane.

“The man said he was “absolutely horrified” by the situation and told the channel he was unsure if he could get on another flight.

He added: “It was a horrible experience.

I think it’s pretty unfair.

“We’re a little bit unlucky in this situation.”

He told the BBC he had been travelling for the past 10 years and had booked the cheapest route in Europe.

“When I first booked the flight I said that I was travelling from Paris, and it’s a bit ridiculous.”

I’m actually flying from Paris.

“Travelers are sometimes stuck in airports during rush hour, but sometimes it can be a different storyThe airline has told customers to check in and board the aircraft at the gate, so it is not uncommon for travellers to get stuck.

Mr Hovikov, who is from Moscow, was travelling on a commercial flight from Athens to Budapest, when he found out he was stuck.

He said: “At the airport I realised that I couldn’t leave the airport, because the ticket had been cancelled.”

It’s not that bad, I was just stuck.”

A spokesman for the Greek Transport Ministry told The Independent that they were aware of the situation.

He explained: “We had to issue a notice to the passenger and issue a ticket to the plane because there was a delay in the aircraft.”

A spokesperson for the airport told the Greek news site Elabea that they had been told by the Greek government that the airport had been operating in a “redundant state” for several hours.

The airport is located just over the border in the Greek city of Crete, but it is usually very busy, with arrivals of more than 40,000 passengers a day.

There are a number of problems with this particular airport, including a lack of staff, an overcrowding problem and a lack “of facilities”, the spokesperson said.

But there is an alternative option for travellers, as the Greek Ministry of Transport said it was “open” for people who wanted to travel between Greece and Hungary.

Travelers who want to book a plane tickets through TripAdviser can do so from Greece, or from another European country.

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