Which media companies are your favorite?

The following is an edited transcript of a podcast interview with The Verge’s Mark Gurman, hosted by the Verge’s editorial team.

The interview will air on Thursday, July 17.

We’re happy to answer your questions.

Q: The Verge has been a strong player in the marketplace of content for quite some time.

How did you get involved with the platform?

A: Well, in 2013 we decided to create our own content marketplace, and that’s where our platform was born.

We created our own marketplace.

It was a pretty big thing at the time, and I think it has been successful for a number of reasons, and one of the reasons was because of the growth in search results.

You could see that a lot of people were using our platform, and we were able to take that growth and turn it into real monetization opportunities.

Q: How did that work?

A (Laughs): We’ve had an amazing response.

And the question was, what do we do with all of that revenue?

Well, we built a whole bunch of different products.

You can now see what those products are and how they make money.


So the original goal of the marketplace was to make it as easy as possible to buy stuff from different vendors.

What kind of revenue was there when the platform launched?


I think there’s actually some revenue that’s been generated on the marketplace that hasn’t been made monetizable, but there are definitely revenue that we’ve generated that has been monetizable.

Q: Are there any new products that have been announced recently?

A.: We announced our newest product, a paid app called Media Marketplace.

It’s a very small app, about 30 seconds in size, that gives you the ability to search through a curated catalog of media products, but it has real value.

It gives you access to curated products, it gives you a better understanding of the media ecosystem, it lets you make informed decisions about what you want to watch and what you’re willing to pay for, and it has a bunch of other tools that let you find specific content, such as a curated collection of music or a curated selection of sports or movies.

Q.: Do you expect to continue to see the platform grow over the next couple of years?

A .

No, but we’re not going to wait for that.

Q._: What do you think of the new apps that are being announced?

A._: They’re a lot more curated.

It seems to me like the first app that I want to add to the platform is one that lets you sort your curated content by price.

You sort by price, and then you can go to the marketplace and sort by product.

Q___: What about other new products you are adding to the Marketplace?

A__: I have some really cool ideas for how we can make this a really powerful platform.

Q__: What’s the biggest challenge in making this a sustainable business?

A_____: You have to be really creative and smart about what products you sell, because there’s not a lot else to do, and you have to make sure that you’re delivering the best product for the best customer.

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