News Corporation says it’s closing its Leeds online news marketplace

Leeds, a New Zealand-based online news marketer, is shutting its online news product marketplace, which had been offering news for news, entertainment and lifestyle content.

Leeds will close its online site and shut down its mobile and desktop apps.

The company’s chief executive, Paul Boulton, said the closure was due to “business, cost and regulatory uncertainties”.

The company, which started life as a digital news portal, has been running its online content since November 2017.

The move follows the launch of a new version of Leeds last month that will offer new content and tools to news publishers and publishers.

News Corp Media, which runs Leeds Media, will remain open as a platform for news publishers.

It will also continue to offer paid news product.

The Leeds business was created in January 2017 as an alternative to the traditional newspaper business model.

It was launched by News Corp’s owner News Corp New Zealand, with the help of The News Group, a publishing and news media company based in the UK.

Lees had previously been operated by Leeds New Zealand.

News Corporation Media has not yet announced any financial losses or any other plans to close the Leeds Business.

The closure of Lees was first reported by the Business Standard.