What’s in the new Google Media Marketplace News app?

Google announced this week that the media marketplace News app is now available for download.

It comes with a slew of new features including: a new way to add and share media with your friends and family; news on topics like sports, health, technology, and more; and a new section for curated content.

It also includes a new News app on Android for those on iPhones and Android phones.

Google is also rolling out an update to News on its Android app, bringing the News app to iOS as well.

Google has also updated the News tab to show more relevant headlines and videos from sources like CNN, USA Today, and The New York Times.

The News tab will also now display news stories directly in the News feed if you are viewing a story from News on your device.

As for the rest of the News features, it will now show you the latest trending news headlines, the latest breaking news and a searchable news feed.

If you want to share a news story, the new Share tab will help you quickly share the article directly with your audience.

The new News tab also shows the most popular news stories on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.