Facebook: ‘This is a very good opportunity for us’

Facebook, the company behind Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, is working with other companies to create a platform to allow content creators to monetize their content and share it on social media.

The news comes as the social media giant prepares to unveil its fourth-quarter earnings for the third quarter.

The company said in a statement that the platform will allow people to share their content more easily and monetize it through an on-demand service that will allow advertisers to share with people directly through Facebook’s mobile app.

The service will be available in both desktop and mobile versions, according to the statement.

In the third-quarter, Facebook said its ad network has over 2 billion impressions per month on average across its mobile apps and desktop and desktop-only apps, and is seeing over a billion unique visitors per month.

The company also said that it has reached over 30 million active monthly users, which includes Facebook’s own apps, according the statement from the company.

The social media platform will be developed with Facebook’s ad network in mind, the statement said.

The ad network, which Facebook says has over 500 million users and is a $2.5 billion market leader, will be an integrated part of Facebook’s platform.

Facebook said it expects to have an initial offering of over $2 billion of its ad-based network and revenue by the end of the third and fourth quarters.

Facebook, which has been using its own ads in recent years, said in its earnings report that it is working to make its ad products more relevant to people in the future.

The Facebook IPO, in the past, has been controversial among investors.

Investors, including some in tech, say Facebook’s rapid growth and rapidly increasing revenue is unsustainable, and that it must be spun off into a separate company.

The IPO has also drawn the ire of some in the tech industry who say the deal could open Facebook up to a lawsuit from rivals such as Google and Microsoft.

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