How to make the most of Google Play media marketplace

The search giant’s new media marketplace app will let you search for content and add it to your digital collection.

If you want to buy a TV show, film, or book, you’ll need to have a Google Play account and access to the store.

But if you’re looking for content you might want to rent, the app will offer a variety of media sources.

You’ll be able to buy and stream TV shows and movies through the app, or rent movies and TV shows via the TV-streaming app.

The app will also offer the ability to stream videos from Google Play and Apple TV to Android devices via a link.

Google Play will allow you to stream content through Google’s own apps, and Google’s Chromecast app will stream content from your computer.

The new media market is the company’s first foray into the media streaming market.

But it isn’t the first attempt to bring such an offering to the platform.

Google announced a similar feature for its Chrome browser, but it didn’t really get much traction outside of Google’s ecosystem.

It wasn’t until the company acquired YouTube in 2014 that a similar service to the Google Play store began to emerge.

The search engine has been looking to bring media to its platform for a while, and the company is bringing the same approach to the Play store.

The media market app will be available to download from the Play Store in India on January 19.