How to find the best news on social media in Ireland

Dubliners can now find more than 5,000 local news outlets on social networks, but they are still limited to just a handful of top news outlets, including the Irish Independent, the Irish Times, the Sunday Independent and the Independent.

Dublin’s largest local newspaper, the Independent, which has a circulation of 5.7 million, has the best local coverage of any of the national newspapers.

The paper is followed by the Irish Examiner and the Irish Mail, both with 4.4 million and 3.8 million subscribers respectively.

But while the Independent has some of the best content on social platforms, it is limited to the top 10 news outlets listed by Alexa, which is the number one social media news platform.

While the Irish newspapers can reach more than 10 million people, they only have access to the Irish Daily Mail, Irish Independent and Independent, and their local versions.

Other Irish newspapers include the Irish Post, the Cork Express, the Galway Bulletin, the Leitrim Echo, the Mayo Bulletin, The Munster Telegraph, The Limerick Echo and the Leinster Times.

The Independent has been the only Irish newspaper to reach over 4 million readers, but it only has access to a few of the top local outlets listed.

The newspaper is followed closely by the Munster Herald and Limerick Independent, with over 3.6 million and 2.5 million subscribers.

The Irish Times is the only newspaper with a circulation over 4.5 mln and has the largest local audience in the country, but only has the option to purchase local editions from the Irish Market.

The Sunday Independent, meanwhile, has reached over 5 million readers but only had access to five local newspapers.

The Dublin-based Sunday Independent is the largest English language newspaper in Ireland with over 7 million readers.

It is followed in the top 20 by the Cork Examiner, Leitrror, the Dublin Mail, The Dublin Times and the Limerick Herald.

While both the Sunday Express and the Dublin Independent are among the top five Irish newspapers, their local editions are limited to only the top three.

The largest Irish online newspaper, The Independent, has a readership of over 5.5m readers and the most followers on Facebook with 2.4m.

However, the paper only has a local edition.

The newspaper has also been a dominant source of information in Ireland since the country was granted its independence in 1922.

The Irish Times has the most news on its website in Ireland, with nearly 12 million views, and it has the third largest Facebook following behind the Irish Herald and Leinsters Mail.

The most-visited Irish website,, which also serves as the country’s main news source, has more than 3.5million unique visitors a month.

However, the newspaper has been struggling to gain traction.

It has struggled to maintain its online audience since it launched in 2015, and the daily print edition has been losing readers.

The latest figures released by Alexa show that the Irish paper has seen a decrease in visitors and a decrease on Facebook since 2016.

While it has managed to maintain a loyal audience of about 4.2 million in recent years, it has been overtaken by other local papers in terms of the number of people who visit their websites.

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