IPW Media Marketplace Activation for the 2018 Winter Olympics

The IPW media marketplace will begin operating on February 16, 2018, with a price of US$29.99 per month, according to a company statement.

IPW Marketplace is a global marketplace for digital media products and services that allows users to sell and buy content in bulk, at prices they choose.

The marketplace, which will operate across all major digital platforms, will be available to all participating organizations in the Olympic Games and Paralympics, the company said.

This year’s Games, the first to be held in South Korea since the end of World War II, will run from February 7 to February 9.

The new marketplaces will allow users to shop for products on multiple platforms including the Amazon.com, Apple.com and Microsoft.com platforms, as well as Amazon Prime, the Microsoft Store and the Google Play store.

“The Games are a great opportunity for IPW to continue to develop its ecosystem of digital media, which is now in the midst of a significant evolution,” IPW President and CEO Matt Hinton said in a statement.

“The launch of the IPW Marketplace will give our partners and customers a wide array of choices for content and marketing, while providing them access to our most important assets: IPW, the brand, and our athletes and athletes-for-hire.”

In addition to the launch of IPW’s new marketplace, the Games have brought a host of new services to the marketplace, including new features like the “Live Feed” that will show all live feeds for a given event.

During the Games, users will also be able to purchase and sell digital content through the IPZ marketplace, and IPW will continue to provide new and exclusive content for its IPZ partner companies, including IPZ-branded games, including “NBA Live 18,” “NBA 2K18,” and “NBA┬« 2035.”