‘Sleeping Beauty’ reboot trailer: Are we ready?

An online marketplace for merchandise from the Disney animated series Sleeping Beauty is set to begin selling new merchandise and merchandising in the coming weeks, with new designs and characters expected to debut in the spring, according to Disney.

The Sleeping Beauty Marketplace, a collaboration between Disney and the Walt Disney Company, will be launched in the United States this spring and will be open to all of the characters in the animated TV series.

The site is expected to feature all the merchandise from Sleeping Beauty, from plush dolls to figurines and more.

A source familiar with the matter said the site will offer new merchandise from both Disney and licensed merchandise brands that were originally designed and manufactured by the characters.

Disney also is expected by the end of the year to announce the launch of a new franchise, as well as new licensing deals with licensed brands.

“This is an incredibly exciting time for our artists and fans around the world,” said Jeff Williams, Disney’s chief content officer and senior vice president of global entertainment and licensing.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Disney to bring fans new products and experiences for a whole new generation of people.

With this new initiative, we’re creating a new place for people to purchase and experience Disney products, as part of our shared mission to connect fans and artists.”

The Sleeping Berry Farm , which has been open since 2016, has been sold out of plush dolls, figurines, clothing, accessories, jewelry and other merchandise since February.

The Sleeping Beauty Farm, which has previously sold toys and merchandise from Disney animated films, has a dedicated merchandise section for both licensed and licensed-only products, including a wide range of new items including apparel, collectibles and jewelry.

“Disney has been so supportive of us in this process and has been supportive of our artists, their products, and their vision,” said Anna Spalding, co-owner of the Sleeping Berry Farms.

“With their support, we’ve been able to sell out of our entire inventory of merchandise, and it has been incredibly rewarding to work with Disney on this venture.”

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