Facebook’s new content management platform is a big deal for the content industry

Facebook has just unveiled a new product that promises to change the way publishers and brands sell and market their content.

In a keynote presentation, the company’s chief content officer, Phil Schiller, announced the launch of a new business-to-business platform, the Media Marketplace, and a new platform for content management.

Schiller said the platform will allow publishers and content managers to create a unified platform for publishing content, and create new ways for brands and content partners to interact and collaborate.

The Media Marketplace will be built on a similar structure to Facebook’s existing News Feed, which was designed to make it easier for publishers to publish content.

The new platform will also offer more control over how publishers and editors publish content, Schiller said.

It will include more than 200 publishers and more than 20,000 publishers and publishers.

Facebook has been experimenting with new content tools and tools to make publishing easier and more accessible for publishers and their content partners, including its own publishing platform, News Feed.

Schill’s announcement also includes a number of new features for the platform.

Publishers will be able to set up a News Feed that will display content by a range of categories.

Publisher and content owners will be asked to add and remove content from the News Feed every week.

Publisher owners will also be able see what content is being published and shared by their audience.

The company said that publishers will be allowed to post their own content and content management tools in the News Posts section.

Facebook also announced a number new tools and services that will help publishers and writers publish content more efficiently.

Schilling said the company is adding a number more tools and new features to the News Marketplace platform.

The new features include tools that will let publishers and editorial staff more easily search and discover content.

Schiller described this as a “superior search” that will make it much easier for editors and publishers to find what they need.

In addition, the platform’s editorial team will be using its new search tool to find new articles and news stories.

Schilled also unveiled the News Platform, which will be a hub for publishing and publishing-related content for publishers, and it will be open to anyone with an account on Facebook.

The News Platform will include tools for editors, publishers, editors, and publishers-only audiences to publish and manage their content more easily.

Schills presentation was peppered with big-name publishers, such as Amazon, The Washington Post, and Bloomberg.

Schilly said that while the platform may be a bit niche for the industry, he believes that publishers and readers are looking for new ways to get their news and information.

“We’ve been working for the last 10 years to make sure that the news and the news publishers get their information,” Schiller told reporters.

“And this is a huge opportunity for them to take advantage of it.”

Facebook has a history of making big moves that have been applauded by many publishers and consumers.

The company is a major player in the video game world, with more than 60 million users and a massive audience.

In February, Facebook introduced its new video service, News.

The platform is set to launch next week.