What is the Australian Media Marketplace?

AUSTRALIAN MEDIA MISSION (AMP) is a national public interest nonprofit that helps communities in the 21st century build stronger media networks and empower local media.

The AMP’s mission is to advance and preserve the integrity of Australian media.

AMP was established by the Government of Australia in the early 2000s as a public-private partnership, and is managed by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

In 2017, AMP received $7.8 million from the ABC, and $1.5 million from other Commonwealth funding sources.

AMPs vision is to build stronger local media and promote local news.

The organisation also promotes and maintains media accountability.

The Government of the Commonwealth of Australia (GCA) invests in public media and its funding is allocated to AMPs key functions.

AMPersepolis is a new and innovative Australian initiative to engage community members in the development of innovative local news content and to build a robust local news media platform.

In 2018, AMPerseaPolis launched the Australia’s first local news platform on Facebook.

It was launched by local AMP members.

The platform is intended to empower people and communities to share local news, stories, perspectives and ideas, and engage the media.

Community participation is key to AMPersaPolis success.

AMPers has been developed to support the AMP mission, including by delivering the AMPeers program which provides a platform for people to share their knowledge, expertise, and experiences with AMP and the media and engage with AMPs communities.

AMPeer is a community-based initiative that provides local AMPs with the resources and knowledge they need to share relevant news and information with AMPerSeaPolis and its stakeholders.

AMPP is a 501(c)(3) public charity, with no profit motive.

AMSPO is a not-for-profit organisation which is managed and funded by the Commonwealth Government and its partners.

The aim of AMSPo is to promote the use of technology in community development, promote local media literacy and build local news literacy.

AMSWA is a state-based organisation.

The objective of AMSSA is to provide a high quality of local, national and international news through a range of media channels including digital, print, television, radio, online, social media, and other avenues.

AMSA has received funding from the Commonwealth and State Governments to support AMP activities and the AMSPOA platform.

AMPS platform, AMSBA, is a public service of the Australian Government.

AMSpokesperson is a registered trademark of AMP.

AMIBA is a government agency of the GCA.

AMISP is a Government agency of Australia.

The Department of Communications and the Department of Health are also agencies of the Government.