Grace is back and more of her songs are in the works

Grace is BACK.

The New York rapper and producer is set to release her latest album Grace in August.

In a press release, Grace’s label, Warner Bros., shared that she’s been in the studio with her producer and co-producer, Brian Wilson, for a couple of months now.

She also shared that the album is a new direction for the project, with her vocals returning, as well as a more upbeat, live-and-let-live feel.

The project is expected to be out sometime in September, with a release date still to be announced.

The release comes in a week when Grace is also releasing her latest EP, Grace And Her New Wave, which features a collection of new songs from the late rapper.

The EP also contains new music from her new album, which has also been out since March, and includes the song “I Love You,” which was featured on the video for the group’s song “Walking On Sunshine.”

(It was also featured on her 2015 album, The Beautiful and the Damned.)

The new album is also due out in September.

She will also make a few stops on tour this fall, which will include stops in Austin, Nashville, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Grace is still planning to headline the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, Calif., in June, which marks the 30th anniversary of Grace’s debut album. 

Grace also shared a message to fans, in which she talked about being in the “pursuit of music for a long time.”

The message is in the form of a song that she wrote on the eve of her release.

It’s titled “You.”

Watch it below:Grace is releasing a new album in August, and it’s also due in September!

The New York native has always been a fan of music, and in the video she shared with Entertainment Weekly, she talks about the love of music and the music industry.

I love this industry, and I love the people that work in it.

I also love that music is a platform for so many people to come together and do good, and to give people a chance to be able to express themselves.

The next project is called Grace And her New Wave.

She says the project will be “more reflective and more honest,” and is expected in September with a new music video. 

Check out Grace’s full video message below: Follow Grace on Twitter: @GraceGomezGrace Gomez

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