‘I have never seen such hatred’: Philippines, Indonesia call for boycotts of US

JAKARTA, Indonesia — The Philippines and Indonesia are urging people to boycott U.S. products in response to President Donald Trump’s call to ban Chinese goods and companies from entering the United States.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo on Wednesday called Trump’s statements in a recent speech in Asia “totally unacceptable” and “a dangerous step,” saying it’s “very dangerous” to the region’s fragile relations with China.

The two countries’ foreign minister, Retno Marsudi, said Trump’s threats against China “could be seen as a declaration of war.”

Indonesia is one of the world’s top exporters of goods to the United Kingdom, with nearly 20 percent of its total exports going to the U.K.

In a statement on Wednesday, the foreign ministry said Trump is “threatening the stability of our bilateral relations, a strategic partnership, and the peace and stability of the whole world” and has shown a lack of respect for the U and EU.

It said the “bilateral relationship” is important to all the countries in the region, but it’s especially important for Indonesia and the Philippines because they are major sources of our exports to the rest of the global market.

“We hope the Philippines and the United states will refrain from such actions and the boycott and divestment of products will be taken,” the statement said.

Indonesians and the West have long struggled to maintain a level playing field in trade.

They also have a history of feuding with China over a territorial dispute with the archipelago nation.

Indias leaders have often accused China of unfair treatment of its people in a bid to create an environment for them to build a strong economy.

Earlier this month, Indonesia’s foreign minister accused China’s leader Xi Jinping of waging a “political campaign against the Indonesian people” and called for an end to Beijing’s “bullying and harassment of its own people.”

In a separate statement on Tuesday, the Philippines foreign minister said Trump was sending a message to his country’s leaders that “a war with China” was on the horizon.

Trump has repeatedly called for a trade war with Beijing and said the U of A is one example of the countries “unfair trade practices.”

China’s foreign ministry spokesman, Hong Lei, said in a statement that the Philippines’ actions would be “a very serious and unacceptable act” and that the government of the Philippines will take all measures to prevent the U.”s people from being harmed in any way.”

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