India’s internet traffic surges to new all-time high, new numbers show

India’s Internet traffic surged by more than 20% on Friday, hitting the all-year high of 4.7 billion visits, marking a new record for the country.

The number of visits surged from 4.5 billion in January to 5.7bn in November, while the average speed on Indian roads rose from 1.4 to 1.8 megabits per second.

The country’s GDP grew by 3.2% in the three months to November, the fastest rate in the world, and its growth rate is the fastest in Asia.

The economy also recorded its best monthly growth in eight years, and surpassed the 2% growth rate recorded in the previous quarter.

The growth is attributed to a slew of government initiatives, including a ban on new licences for internet service providers and increased regulation of mobile telephony.

The number of companies licensed to offer internet services increased from 20,000 in September to 30,000, according to the ministry of communications.

India’s online shopping activity surged by 11% year-on-year to $2.8 billion, accounting for about 20% of all internet transactions.

The government said it expects to see an increase of 4% in online sales by 2019, driven by a surge in digital retailing and the expansion of online video services.

India has seen the most visits to the country’s leading search engine, Google.

The company, which recently introduced a new feature that lets people see where they are and how far away they are from home, said that it saw an increase in online visits of over 10% in November compared to October.

In the latest move, Google announced it will buy mobile search company Oseas and launch a new service, Google Search, in India.

Google’s move comes as other internet companies such as Facebook and Microsoft are looking at India as a possible entry point for their next ventures.