Why do Google and Yahoo still love each other?

I’m not sure whether the recent news of Google and Facebook’s merger is actually good news for consumers or bad news for businesses, but the deal has been going on for some time.

I think it’s fair to say that both companies have a pretty strong incentive to continue sharing the content they produce.

So, the more recent news has definitely made some business sense.

I also think the deal could potentially create a lot of headaches for both companies, which has been the case in the past.

First of all, the two companies have been known to get into trouble for the way they’ve handled their content distribution in the last few years.

As the Washington Post points out, Google’s business model has changed significantly since 2011, when it became the primary source for many of its own content.

That has resulted in some of the most egregious mistakes in the world.

Google’s content was sometimes terrible and sometimes terrible content.

Google was known for its lack of transparency.

It was known to make questionable decisions on how to market its products and services.

The problem with this model is that it has led to some of Google’s most popular search terms being used as a way to advertise its own products.

The company has been criticized for its decision to let its own ads be used to promote search results.

Google even tried to get an injunction against a local newspaper that used Google ads to promote its own services.

And now, Google is in a situation where it’s not really just a search engine that is part of a larger ecosystem, but also an online content aggregator that’s also a source of news for people.

This is the kind of situation that could lead to problems if both Google and Microsoft and Yahoo are unable to stay in business.

In addition to Google and Bing, Microsoft also has its own online news service that is owned by Microsoft News, which also sells ads.

Microsoft has a vested interest in keeping the news aggregator in business because it has access to a huge audience of potential customers.

This means that Microsoft is unlikely to let itself get involved in this bidding war.

Microsoft’s news site is an independent company and is not part of the news aggregation network Microsoft News.

Microsoft News also has a fairly robust editorial team.

This includes journalists who work at the company and at other companies.

So even if Microsoft News were to go on the losing side of this bidding battle, it would still have a stake in maintaining its dominance in the online news marketplace.

And even if that doesn’t happen, Microsoft would still benefit from this deal.

Microsoft is the largest company in the news business, with more than 100 million users, according to the company’s latest earnings report.

And the company has had a fairly successful business model, with Microsoft News reporting an annual profit of about $6 billion.

The merger is not just about Google and its new news aggregation site.

Microsoft and Bing are also partners in the popular news aggregators Yahoo News and Newsmax, and Microsoft News is also a partner in Yahoo News.

And it’s unclear how many Yahoo News employees will be affected by this merger.

Yahoo is one of the largest news publishers in the United States, and its products are used by millions of users across the world, including consumers in the US.

But Yahoo is also an independent, publicly traded company, and the merger could have serious consequences for Yahoo’s businesses in other countries.

Yahoo has a sizable global presence.

It operates a network of more than 3,000 sites around the world that contain news from more than 200 media companies and news organizations.

The Yahoo News Group, a unit of Yahoo Inc., owns a majority stake in Yahoo.

Yahoo News is a separate company, with a smaller ownership stake in Newsmax.

Yahoo and NewsMax share a lot in common, including their common use of the Bing search engine.

But the relationship between Yahoo and Microsoft is different.

Microsoft, in turn, is a subsidiary of the combined company.

Microsoft owns the Bing News Search engine, which is used by Yahoo News, Newsmax and others.

Microsoft also owns Yahoo News’ business partners and some of its competitors.

Yahoo owns the News Search platform, which includes Yahoo News itself.

It is also the parent company of Microsoft Bing, which owns the news search engine and the Yahoo News brand.

Microsoft doesn’t own Yahoo News anymore, but it has a substantial stake in the search platform and its business partners.

Microsoft can potentially benefit from the merger by keeping the Bing news search platform open, because it would be easier for Yahoo to keep Bing and News for its own business purposes.

But Microsoft will likely lose money if it’s unable to keep Yahoo News operating independently of Yahoo News (which is now owned by Newsmax).

Microsoft will also be less profitable if it can’t keep Yahoo from dominating the news marketplace, since Microsoft will be responsible for selling Bing search results and for providing the Bing service to users.

But there’s also the risk that this deal could be a boon for Microsoft.

Microsoft currently has more than 4.5 million paid employees