Overdrive Media to launch a media marketplace

Overdrive, the popular media marketplace for music and video, is launching a media marketer kit with its partners, including the Los Angeles-based agency of music-video producer Chris Young.

The kit, which will launch in 2018, will offer a platform for media producers to share their work and to find the most-adored songs from artists they love.

The service will allow consumers to search for songs that match their tastes, and will feature a “featured” feature that will provide a summary of the song’s most-popular playlists, with more than 1,000 music-related playlists currently available.

Overdrive will also include a curated collection of artists and albums that have been featured in their respective media marketplaces, such as Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, and iTunes.

The launch of the media marketplace comes just weeks after it was announced that Overdrive had signed with Spotify.