When Google’s ‘Chrome TV’ TV app launches on Google Play, you’ll need an internet connection to watch it

The latest version of Google’s Chrome TV app is coming to Android, but the video-streaming app has some important changes in store for you.

The new version of the app is set to go live tomorrow.

We’ll take a closer look at the big changes ahead.

Read moreA new Chrome TV page The new Chrome tv app now appears in the Google Play store, and while the app still isn’t ready for the general public, it does come with a few new features.

First up is an updated search bar, which lets you search for content, rather than having to go to the home screen.

This also makes it easier to navigate the Chrome TV home screen and set up your TV.

You can also watch content offline.

The app now lets you stream videos directly from the Chrome browser to Chromecast.

You can also search for videos on YouTube and Hulu, if you want to watch on-demand content in your own home.

The new Chromecast-enabled Chromecast support has some big changes.

The most important of these is the addition of Chromecast Direct, a new streaming video option that lets you view Chromecast content from your Chromebooks home screen, Chrome browser, or the Google Cast app.

It also adds the ability to watch video on a Chromecast from your Chromecast and Chromecast Pro devices.

Other new features include a new ‘Chromecast’ page, which now includes an online video search option.

You’ll need to log in to your Chrome TV account to see the new Chromecasts YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Vudu, and YouTube channels, among others.

Chromecasts will now automatically show you the best content from a Chromecast’s catalog when you visit a Chromeflash, if your Chromecasting supports it.

Chromecasters that support video search will show you more videos from that Chromecast, and Chromecaster-enabled TVs will show the latest movies, TV shows, and more.

The Chromecast app now supports streaming to your Chromedots phone, as well as your tablet, Chromebook, and Chromebooks Chromecast remote.

You’re still limited to 4K and 1080p content at this time, but you can stream content at 60fps.

Streaming to your TV and other devices using Chromecast is now much easier with the new ChromeTV app.

All of your videos and other content will now be available on any Chromecast device, including your Chrometech Chromecast Mini.

The Chrome TV apps on your PC and Android devices will still need to be updated for these changes to take effect.

ChromeTV will also make it easier for Chromecast users to view videos on their own TV screens.

In the ChromeTV tab on the ChromeCast app, you can now access the video search on your Chromexast device.

This includes search for any video on your TV screen, including Chromecast devices.

The search will also search across all devices with Chromecast capabilities.

In addition, the Chromecast apps on Android and ChromeOS will now show a ‘Chroecast TV’ app icon, which allows you to view your Chromcast content from any Chromecard.

This will be useful for Chromecards that have Chromecast functionality.

You’ll also be able to watch live TV from your PC, tablet, or Chromebook with Chromecestars Chromecast Remote.

The Chromecast can also be used to access your other Chromecast TV devices and Chrometecast TV apps.

We’ve reached out to Google for comment on these changes, and will update this article with any response.

You should check back with AndroidNews.com for more information as soon as we have it.

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